Friday, April 10, 2009

Screen printing shop starting up

Luke and I are excited about our purchase of an Atlas 4 color 4 station press. We will be picking it up by tomorrow. It's a modest machine but will be a good fit since we are just starting out in this endeavour.

A conveyor dryer and a hat press were thrown in to sweeten the deal along with various inks and a few extra screens. We are even getting his supplier lists for free.

We have bought all the supplies we need to build an exposure table. We lucked out and found an old shower door at the Habitat Restore for $5. The thick glass will be great for exposing our screens. All in all I think the light box will cost about $100 but we will be able to burn two screens at a time. We also bought an old 2 foot square ceiling light that will work for burning smaller screens. That will cost about $45 when all is said and done.

The space in the Opera House will be more than enough for all that our imagination can create! Opera House Press is the screen printing shop which will be home to Wojo Studio. We are excited to get the press hinges churning with the upcoming deadlines for the craft fair circuit fast approaching.

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